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الترجمة و النوتر
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Our company, being one of the companies in Istanbul, is distinguished by the maximum speed, honesty and safety in transporting your shipments from Turkey to most countries of the world and the many services of translating papers and following up work residences and stages of nationality. We have a specialized team to follow up real estate projects to always choose the best for you.

Importing from Turkey requires expertise, but for those who know very well how to choose products that suit the local markets and know how to get them from the Turkish markets with the appropriate specifications and at the best prices. Thus, they ensure that their goods are sold easily and quickly.

We, in our company, offer you import and export services to all parts of the world, with expertise and competitive prices that guarantee you quality and safety

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Air Freight

Our companies provide shipping in Istanbul in the field of air freight service through their contracts with local and international airlines, where they receive your goods from the airport and deliver them to their required places. They also receive them from factories or companies to the airport and then ship them through specialized airlines and the most reliable of them to all airports. the more

If you are looking for the best shipping company in Turkey that provides its services for shipping and transporting your goods safely, confidently and quickly, then you are in the right place. Also, our services make us on the list of shipping companies in various fields. We also offer shipping from Turkey to Germany and to Europe, and shipping from Istanbul, Turkey to all countries of the world.

Land shipping

We provide land freight service to and from various Turkish cities, and we have huge and modern trucks for external transportation via the highway to most Arab countries, European countries and most countries of the world. It is the best land transport company in Turkey and has an excellent reputation in the field of land transport, as it has long experience in the field of land more


Our company is one of the elite shipping companies in Turkey and you can ship the goods and pack them with us and rely on us to deliver them to the desired location and you can contact us to gain more information and how to ship your goods and the time it takes to receive them and what papers we will provide you to speed up the process of receiving you This is what distinguishes us as the best freight forwarding company in Turkey

Sea shipping

Nour Group Shipping Company is one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey
Provide all sea freight services,
Container shipping, partial shipping, collecting and extracting marine bills of lading, and observing the accuracy of the data recorded in the marine bill of lading to avoid delays at the port of arrival.
Our company is characterized by leadership and speed in transporting your shipments to all countries of the more

Fast shipping DHL 

DHL for the shipping process and provides that service at reasonable prices and high quality and ensures the safety of transportation. It is a unique company in this field and works to provide new customer-oriented solutions.
DHL connects sellers and buyers, as it is an intermediary for the transfer of products from the first party, the seller, to the second party, the buyer, as it works to deliver local and international parcels as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost…. read more

Real estate services

Real estate consultancy in Turkey

Sell – Buy – Rent 

The Turkish market is one of the most promising real estate markets for the future of Europe, as it offers great opportunities with the construction sector getting stronger for real estate investors. In turn, we work within this sector to select real estate investment opportunities by purchasing according to the company’s vision in buying real estate and making decisions accurately and in a timely manner with the necessity Risk calculation. We are fully prepared to seize the new real estate investment opportunities that are constantly being offered, in addition to our focus on increasing the turnover rate of real estate projects as well.

Our company puts in your hands a group of lawyers and real estate consultants who specialize in providing advice on real estate ownership and they have full and deep knowledge of the real estate market in Turkey and the prices of apartments in Turkey. Our company is responsible for the progress of the investment and ownership process and the completion of all legal and technical conditions for contracting before the competent authorities in Turkey.

Residency and Turkish citizenship

 Business – Tourism – Real estate

Beginning and by establishing a private company in Turkey A foreigner has the right to establish a commercial company in the same way as a Turkish citizen, without the need for a Turkish partner nationality, meaning that the company’s capital is 100% foreign, and through the company he has the right to apply An application for a work permit, provided that:…
The Turkish citizenship program for obtaining citizenship by investment was established in 2017, and it provides one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain a second passport. Initially, the minimum real estate investment was set at 1,000,000 US dollars, but then the Turkish government reduced it to 250,000 US dollars in 2019, and then issued a decision in April 2022 to raise the value of the minimum real estate investment to 400,000 US dollars.

Translating and clearing notary transactions

Translate and Noter

 Noter in Turkey NOTER or its equivalent in the Arabic language “Notary Public”, which is a private institution authorized by the state to arrange contracts, documents and other documents, and approve them directly according to the rules stipulated by the law while keeping a copy of these documents in the archive.